We are team of talented crew ready to take over the world s.

jay capone
Few Words About Us

The founder, talented actor ,rapper and director Brian Kazankiran aka Jay Capone decided to start his independent movie, music production company. With super creative handpicked crew we are ready to take over the world.

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We are here to realize your dreams, Do you have an idea but no script,ready to fund and you want to make a movie,a music video clip or an commercial what's different than the mainstream productions and original? Then you are on the right way by knocking at our door. Take the first step, contact us and let the magic happen.


With a great creative and enthousiatic team you can expect top quality service

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Our writers are focused and very talented. A great story line is a guarantee , no matter the genre.

film production

Together with co production companies and sponsors we make magic happend and create amazing products.

film casting

The castings are done with a inhouse team and external casting directors and movie directors.

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Our marketing team makes sure we are well represented on major independent film festivals.Were the diamonds in the ruff are presented to exclusive selected audience

film production

Triginet marketing team is a young hip team, who are very skilled with the new world media consumption. The marketing trade is consistant and very effective

social media

The entertainment world experinced a big change in the consumption of it. The way we experience en consume has changed.Our social media crew makes sure you don't miss out!


Our in house and extern crew is 75+ strong. Here are the keyplayers

Walter White
Chief Executive Officer

Sarah Jhonson
Product Manager

William Anderson

Amanda Taylor

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